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Strategic Plan


To be proactive, growth oriented with informed, trained and knowledgeable members who understand and communicate the programs and principles of The American Legion to eligible veterans, active military personnel, their family members, the local community and members of this Post.


The American Legion cherishes four great principles: Justice, Freedom, Democracy and Loyalty. We pledge to support these principles in our service to veterans, especially the disabled, the distressed and their family members including surviving spouses and children. Our cause of service to community, state and nation is a precious right and jealously protected. The opportunity to serve is available to all members of Post 539.


We are proud heirs of a priceless heritage. To honor this heritage we will work tirelessly to implement the four pillars of service.


Focus Areas:

-Careers for Veterans

-Volunteer Service

-Help for Homeless Veterans

-Final Respects

-Veterans Aid


-Identify and promote organizations and services that provide educational and training opportunities for Veterans.

-Identify and promote local volunteer opportunities for Post members

-Identify and promote local opportunities for Post members to support needs of the local homeless.

-Identify and develop opportunities to work with local funeral directors to understand where best the Post can assist in ensuring Veterans obtain all applicable earned services.

-Identify, assess and respond to veterans in need.

Action Plan:

-Obtain applicable veterans educational and training information from local community colleges and provide to Post members.

-Work with Religious Community Service (RCS) each year, to ensure Post participation in annual “Point in Time Count” event.

-Request membership to attend memorial services for deceased veterans.

-Identify and invite speakers to monthly general membership meetings, in various fields of expertise, to address issues of concern and interest.

-Identify Post Volunteer Service Coordinator

-Develop a communication process to ensure volunteer opportunities, discussed at monthly Craven County Veterans Council meetings, are made aware to the Post members.

-Develop process to identify, communicate and record, volunteer opportunities available and supported.

-Develop process for Post Service Officer to properly identify, quickly assess, respond accordingly, and record opportunities to provide assistance to local veterans in need.


Focus Areas:

Support for the Troops

Quality of Life

Homeland Security

Fallen Service Members, POW/MIAs

Fire Prevention/Protection


Identify and promote organizations that honor and recognize the service of veterans.

Identify and promote local volunteer and other initiatives that strive to improve veteran medical care and treatment.

Identify and promote local governmental and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) activities that strengthen anti-terrorism and disaster preparedness.

Identify and participate in activities dedicated to obtain a full accounting and repatriation of fallen US service members.

Identify and participate in local campaigns to promote fire prevention and protection.

Action Plan:

Participate in annual patriotic and “Stand Down” events held in Craven County.

Support patriotic/Stand Down events in other District 6 posts as well as those events sponsored by the Craven County Veterans Council (CCVC).

Support the national American Legion Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW) (www.legion.org/troops/operationcomfort) by identifying needs of wounded and injured military personnel in local VA and civilian hospitals on a quarterly basis and report these needs to the national American Legion.

Allocate funds in the budget for an annual donation to OCW.

Participate in at least one (1) blood drive per year to help needy veterans in conjunction with the American Red Cross (ARC),

Annually identify and award ROTC medals to qualifying JROTC cadets in all Craven County High Schools.


Offer volunteer support to Craven County Emergency Management office for disaster planning and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) augmentation.

Appoint a POW/MIA chairperson to monitor District, Division, and Department POW/MIA initiatives.

Ensure that proper recognition is given to fallen service members on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and during Wreaths across America ceremonies.

Annually participate in the honoring of fallen and missing service members at the State Capital sponsored by North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. (NCVVI).

Support Craven County and City of New Bern campaigns that educate school age children and heads of households on practical fire prevention/protection measures and lessons learned.


Focus Areas:

-Flag Protection

-Voter Registration and Participation

-Boy and Girl Scouts of America

-Boys and Girls State and Nation

-American Legion Baseball

-Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)


Identify and promote opportunities for flag ceremonies.

Identify and support County Board of Elections voter education initiatives.

Identify and promote member leadership roles in civic non-partisan civic activities.

Identify and establish partnerships with local boy’s and girl scout troops

Continue to identify and recruit qualified candidates for Boys and Girls State Nations.

Continue to support the local American Legion Baseball team.

Continue to network with local high school JROTC programs.

Identify eligible and interested high school college-bound students for American Legion supported scholarships.

Identify interested high school students for American Legion sponsored sports programs.

Action Plan:

Arrange for the proper disposal of retired Flags.

Encourage American Legion Post members to be the leaders in all that is good about our nation today, tomorrow and for generations to come by serving the needs of others above their own.

Educate Post members on the importance of good citizenship.

Establish a voter registration and awareness forum to educate voter and maximize voter turnout during elections.


Support scouting units in the community.

Meet with local high school administrators to recruit candidates for boys and girls state.

Inform and advise high school administrators of the American Legion Samsung Scholarships program.

Inform and advise high school administrators of the American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program.

Schedule Post attendance at our local American Legion baseball team home games.

Offer JROTC qualifying cadets American Legion recognition, awards and scholarships.

Explore member interest is organizing and supporting an American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program to provide gun safety and marksmanship training for young people.

PILLAR IV: Children & Youth

Focus Areas:

Catastrophic Illness

Intellectual Disabilities

Immunization for Needy Children

Drug Abuse

Family Integrity

Child Sexual Exploitation


Strengthen the Family Unit

Support organizations that help children in need

Provide and support programs that offer hope and opportunity for young people

Action Plan

Notify Commanding Officers of the regional military units that our Post is willing and able to help families in distress. Provide immediate support to military personnel and their families whose lives have been directly affected by the war on terrorism

Offer financial assistance to needy families of veterans and military personnel with minor children at home. Develop the resources necessary to meet the need.

. Create an ongoing relationship with local military units.

Be proactive in each of the following areas:

-Assist in programs to prevent drug and alcohol abuse

-Support children of deployed troops

-Zero tolerance toward physical or sexual abuse of children

-Suicide prevention programs

-Be a resource to needy military families to direct them to appropriate programs available nationally through the American Legion

-Organize and conduct at least one family event every year



Increase Annual Fundraising while continuing and improving member participation in current activities:

-Wreaths Across America

-Poppy Drive

-Dining Guides

-Sell Flags

And adding one or two additional activities such as a golf outing, silent auction, etc.


To meet our Strategic Plan it’s important to MAINTAIN A VIBRANT POST MEMBERSHIP. Goal is to increase membership during the 5 year period of this Strategic Plan to meet or exceed departmental goals.


Reach out to Post members who do not attend regularly scheduled meetings or functions.

Actively target active duty military, recently discharged veterans and veterans currently not members of Post #539.

Establish, train, and maintain a team of Post members to serve as new member recruiters.

Establish a mentoring program for new members.

Connect with veterans confined to nursing homes, hospitals or homebound.

Participate with schools, local organizations, educational institutions and faith based organizations to identify potential recruits


Engage new members in Post activities as part of mentoring program

Engage new and existing members in recruitment projects.

Encourage each member to bring at least one potential or inactive member to monthly meetings

Conduct orientations of new members

Allocate funds to purchase promotional materials for the post.


Recognize “Legionnaire of Year” at Annual Installation Dinner

Honor organizations and individuals who help the Post “make a difference”

Award Certificates of Appreciation to Officers who have successfully completed their terms.


The Post has made significant progress since it was chartered on November 4, 2010. One of our goals is to improve the social interaction between members, their families and the Post. As such, schedule at least four social events per year. Two events are already on the calendar:

Annual Christmas Party in December

Installation Dinner in June

Summer Picnic/Family Day

To make this happen, an Events Chair shall be appointed.


Encourage Officers and members to attend American Legion Extension Institute and to take on-line courses at American Legion College.


Each year, during the 5 year period of the Strategic Plan, the Executive Committee will determine the priorities for the upcoming year through an annual Business Plan, consistent with the strategic goals, objectives, and activities identified in this Plan. This Strategic Plan is a living document and will be reviewed at least annually by the Executive Committee. The incoming Post Commander is expected to be conversant and knowledgeable of the contents of this Plan and be prepared to identify areas that need to be fine tuned or updated. Changes to this Plan must then be presented to the Executive Committee and ultimately to the Post Membership for adoption.

David W. Nelson Raymond D. Savage


Nancy Uhland Douglas Uhland


Date Executed: March 6, 2017