Latest Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes of American Legion Post 539
Monthly Meeting
April 17, 2019

Commander Nancy Uhland opened the meeting at 1900 hrs. There were 24 members present.
Officers present:
Commander, Nancy Uhland
2nd Vice Commander, Dick Seale
Adjutant, Doug Uhland
Judge Advocate, Gary Guodace
Historian, Greg Ciesielski
Chaplain, Ken McCain
Past Commander, Dave Nelson

Traditional Opening Ceremony was performed.

Guests were introduced: Mr. William Snyder, Mr. Pat McCaffery

Upcoming Meetings:
 Next ExComm Meeting, May 6, 9:30 AM, KofC Hall
 Next District 6 Meeting, May 11, Post 265, Jacksonville
 Next Post Meeting, Wednesday, May 15, 6:00 PM, KofC Hall

Old Business:
 There were no corrections or additions to the prior meeting’s minutes.
 Our Post organized a funeral reception for Sgt. Billy Ingram, a legionnaire, who recently moved to this area and passed away shortly thereafter. The family, being new to the area, came to us asking if we knew where they could hold a reception. Commander Nancy Uhland arranged for the reception to be held at VFW Post 2514. She also arranged for the refreshments. The family was extremely grateful and made a substantial donation to the Post.
 Post elections will be held at the May meeting. To date, we have the  following nominees:
 Commander: Dick Seale
 Finance Officer: Jim Robinson
 Historian: Greg Ciesielski
 Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Olmstead
 We still need nominees for 1st Vice, Second Vice, and Chaplain
 Centennial Committee Report:
 Next meeting will be at the River Bend Town Hall on April 29.
 The Centennial Dinner went well
 We will publicize our Centennial in conjunction with the upcoming Poppy Drive on May 18-19 and during our Flag Drive in November.
 The District 6 Road Rally scheduled for May 18 has been postponed until sometime in the fall.
 Our Centennial Dinner held on April 11 was a huge success. 73 members and guests attended. The meal was provided by the “Bear Den Bistro” comprised of the Culinary Arts students from New Bern High School. Mr. Greg Jones, a member of the “Great War Tarheels” gave a very informative presentation on the history of WW I.
 Our Poppy Drive will take place this year on May 18th and 19th at the New Bern Wal-Mart and the James City Food Lion. Sign-up sheets are available tonight. You may also sign up online at

New Business:
 The week of April 22-27 is designated as National Parks Week. This is a good time to visit and enjoy the National Parks in this country.
 VFW Post 2894 will host their annual Bataan Death March Memorial Walk/Run on April 27, 2019. It will take place along the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail in Chesapeak, VA. If you are interested in participating, complete information can be found at the following website:
 The New Bern Elks Lodge #764 will hold their annual flag ceremony in Union Point Park on June 8th, 2019.
 Membership: Adjutant Doug Uhland reported that to date we have 121 members who have paid dues for 2019. Only 117 count toward this year’s membership goal of 125.
 Financial Report: The financial report for the period March 17 thru April 20 was given by the adjutant in the finance officer’s absence. The report is attached to these minutes and is available to any Post 539 member on request.

There being no further business, Chaplain McCain recited the closing prayer,
the colors were retired and the meeting was adjourned at 1945 hours.

Respectively submitted,

Doug Uhland, Adjutant