Latest Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes of American Legion Post 539

Monthly Meeting
May 15, 2019

Commander Nancy Uhland opened the meeting at 1900 hrs. There were 36 members present.
Officers present:
Commander, Nancy Uhland
1 st Vice Commander, Mark Sandvigen
2nd Vice Commander, Dick Seale
Adjutant, Doug Uhland
Finance Officer, Jim Robinson
Judge Advocate, Gary Guodace
Historian, Greg Ciesielski
Service Officer, Sam Coxson
Sergeant-at-Arms, Jack Olmstead
Traditional Opening Ceremony was performed.
Upcoming Meetings:
Next ExComm – Monday, June 10 2019 – 0930 – KofC Hall
Next Post Meeting – Wednesday, June 19 2019 – 1800 – KofC Hall
Department Convention – June 6-8 2019 – North Raleigh Hilton
Fall Conference – October 17-19 2019 – North Raleigh Hilton
Old Business:
 Minutes of the April meeting were approved
 Centennial Committee Report: Bud Van Slyke reported that the next meeting of the Committee will be on June 6. They will discuss upcoming programs including the Flag Day Ceremony, Top Shelf fishing tournament, Veterans Day Parade and the Stars and Stripes Revue. He also reported that we have procured a new wreath for us at the Memorial Day Ceremony at the New Bern National Cemetery.
 Poppy Drive: Jack Olmstead reported the Poppy Drive will take place on May 18-19. We still have spots to fill – sign-up sheets are available now and on line.
 Stars & Stripes Show: Ray Savage gave an update on the status of the show. He gave a presentation at the recent district meeting and will be making a presentation and the upcoming Craven County Veterans Council meeting. Advance VIP tickets are now available to our members. Ticket sales to the public will start on August 1 st .
 CCVC will host the Memorial Day Ceremony at the New Bern National Cemetery on Monday, May27.
 Glen Killian reported that the New Bern Elks Lodge will host a Flag Day Ceremony on June 6 at Union Point Park. The event will begin at 11:00 AM.
New Business:
 District 6 Meeting was held at Post 265 in Jacksonville on May 11. Nancy & Doug
Uhland, Dave Nelson, and Ray Savage attended. John Dinsmore was elected to continue to serve as District 6 Commander. Post 46 Commander John Sotirkys was elected as District 6 Vice-Commander. Detailed meeting notes are attached to these minutes.

 Our Post was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for our donation to help pay dues for the members of Post 64 in Pollocksville who suffered major losses due to Hurricane Florence.
 Whether or not we will participate in Mumfest this fall will be taken up at the July meeting.
 Financial report was given by Jim Robinson. The report is attached to these minutes and is available to any Post 539 member on request.
 Membership report was given by Adjutant Doug Uhland. To date we have 127 members paid for 2019. 118 of them count toward our goal of 125.
 Mark Sandvigen reported that there are bills in the US Senate and House of Representatives to amend the American Legion Charter. The act expands membership eligibility to honorably discharged veterans who have served in unrecognized times of war since World War II.
 Dick Seale reported that our Post will be awarding medals to deserving JROTC Cadets at their awards ceremonies next month. We will also be giving BX/PX gift cards to cadets who will be enlisting in the military after graduation.
 Sam Coxson reported that the Top Shelf Fishing Tournament for wounded warriors will be held at Lawson Creek Park on Jun 6. They are in need of volunteers – especially boat owners who would be willing to take one of these Vets out for a day of fishing. Our Post will be providing watermelons for the lunch afterward and gift cards to be used as prizes.
Sam also said that if you have any old books you don’t want any more, bring them to our next meeting and he will take them to local nursing homes.
 Dick Seale, Gary Guodace, and Mark Sandvigen were elected to represent Post 539 as delegates to the Department Convention in June.
 A vote was taken to determine how are 3 votes are to be cast at the convention for Department Commander. Mark Erskine received 20 votes and James Moore received 16 votes. A motion was made, seconded and passed to instruct our delegation to cast 2 votes for Mark Erskine and 1 vote for James Moore.
 A “Salute to the Women of the Military” will be held at the Flame Restaurant on June 20 at 1130 AM.
 Bud Van Slyke conducted the election of officers for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The results are as follows:
o Commander: Dick Seale
o First Vice – Mark Sandvigen
o Finance Officer – Jim Robinson
o Historian – Greg Ciesielski
o Chaplain – Archie Asadourian
o Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Olmstead
The office of 2 nd Vice is unfilled as there were no nominees.
The offices of Adjutant, Service Officer and Judge Advocate will be appointed by the newly elected commander when he takes office.
There being no further business, Sam Coxson recited the closing prayer, the colors were retired and the meeting was adjourned at 2015 hours.

Respectively submitted,
Doug Uhland, Adjutant